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Myrtle Beach Golf Signature Holes

Shaftesbury Glen Golf & Fish Club

Myrtle Beach Golf Signature Holes

The four award-winning golf courses that make up Myrtle Beach’s The Glens Golf Group: Shaftesbury Glen, Heather Glen, Glen Dornoch and Possum Trot each offer a unique but playable layout; each with signature holes that have to played to be understood. These signature holes don’t necessarily represent the particular golf course as a whole, but are the most appealing or dramatic holes on the course.

The Glens Golf Group’s Signature Golf Holes:

Possum Trot:

Hole #13, “Analysis is Paralysis”

As you stand on the tee and take in the lake, the gaping bunkers, the scenic beauty, the wind velocity and direction, and the bulkheads that stop a skipped shot, remember that “analysis is paralysis!”

PT 13


Glen Dornoch:

Hole #16

As close to bunkers on right as you dare, leaves you in best position to approach this green. Pay attention to the yardage to the crest of the hill. You don’t want to hit it over. Scary second, but you can’t deny its beauty!

GD 16.2

 glen dornoch 16th hole golf course

Heather Glen:

#9 White Nine

Long hitters may risk going for the green in 2: you must hit the ball left to right and carry over the Firth of Clyde, 230 yards of water and an additional 30 yards of grass and sand! Most will elect to place their second short of trees by the water or past them. In front of the green, the water measures 63 yards.

Heather Glen 9

heather glen lake

Shaftesbury Glen:

Hole #18

This is a good finishing hole. Aim the tee shot down the right center of the fairway. Pay close attention to the location of the pin, because this almost 60-yard deep green is surrounded by bunkers.

SG 18.2

Shaftbury Glens Golf Course

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